What’s Fujiyama Dancing ??

Let’s Play with your full energy!!

Our gig “That’s Fujiyama Dancing! 3rd party” is coming soon in January.
What ‘s “Fujiyama Dancing!”?
It’s a “so called” Dance party with live music.
and also it’s kind of ” Everything-is-All Right-party”!

In our set list, there are Disco, Soul dance, Social dance and so on…
but nothing professional about it.
Any ways,we Japanese can’t dance so well.
But it’s absolutely OK!!

Check how’s the party is going on in this video→→

Sometime there’s no one on the floor, but who cares?!
Everyone is dancing and having fun at their place^^

We’ll also play folk dance, tango, hula-dance….. lots more.
There are 3 minutes for each genres.
We will give easy lectures to the audience beforehand so
everybody could dance(in some way) instantly.

Almost all of the lecturer are band members,
and dancing next to you may be the members(if their hands are free) as well.

Dear professionals, please forgive us for our amateurishness!
Though this is first time ever non-genre dance party. Everyone could feel the sence of unity here.

We’re 100% sure that you can have great time with us.
Please come join our party on Saturday 1.19 2019, @Dream store Shinjuku.
We are looking forward to seeing you!!

Apply for tickets from here:

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