Japanese male-and-female duet pop music cover album ‘Dual Voice’

The first work of a new label ‘AREIA MUSIC’
There was almost no male-and-female duet pop music cover album until now.
The title is ‘Dual Voice’
Terada Masahiko as Producer& Arranger of this aLbum,
gave arrangements, such as bossa nova tone and reggae tone, to these hit songs.
and nostalgic original melodies have glad things which are the present states.
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Please listen by all means!!

The release date was March 4, 2014.

Track List
1.So ra yo (Sky) 空よ
2.Naomi no Yume(Naomi’s Dream) ナオミの夢
3.Shibuya de Go-ji (We’ll meet at 5pm. in Shibuya) 渋谷で5時
4.Canada kara no tegami (Love letter from Canada) カナダからの手紙
5.Lonely Chaplin ロンリー・チャップリン
6.Itsudemo yume wo (Have a dream at any time!) いつでも夢を
7.Ai ga umareta hi (the birthday of love) 愛が生まれた日
8.Winding road
9.San-nen-me no uwaki (Affair of the third year of marriage) 3年目の浮気
10.Ai wa kizutsuki yasuku (Love is vulnerable) 愛は傷つきやすく


Dual Voice trial listening-Digest version-

A scene of Recording

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